Month: December 2019

Budget bulking – 4 essential foods

Don’t blindly chase calories when you are trying to gain muscle mass. Pick the right food and use them wisely. Here is how to start a budget bulking. initially, when I started to bulk up my body my primary diet was tuna, potatoes and a scoop of protein for almost a year. But did it…

By strongman 13th December 2019 0

Creatine monohydrate supplement – The best performance enhancer in gym

Creatine serves as an effective supplement to increase muscle mass and strength. It is an essential supplement for fitness and bodybuilding populations. Creatine is known to enhance lean muscle gain and doubles your strength. Researches have proven that creatine can increases performance in bodybuilders and athletes when compared to working alone. Creatine stands as the…

By strongman 5th December 2019 0