Budget bulking – 4 essential foods

Budget bulking – 4 essential foods

13th December 2019 0 By strongman

Don’t blindly chase calories when you are trying to gain muscle mass. Pick the right food and use them wisely. Here is how to start a budget bulking.

initially, when I started to bulk up my body my primary diet was tuna, potatoes and a scoop of protein for almost a year. But did it work? Surely yes to a certain degree. But it is not the only way to gain muscles without breaking your bank. Here is some essential food to be added to an aspiring bodybuilders cart within a budget.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the best staple food and sure it is great for bodybuilding. You can get oatmeal in bulk from any supermarket. They are a rich source of protein and fat. Oatmeal can be added to pretty much every meal. It is also easy to travel with. For example, oatmeal mixed with egg whites or eggs is a classic meal for a bodybuilder. If muscle growth is your ultimate goal use whole eggs as the yolk contains plenty of calories and healthy fat which is essential for muscle mass.

If you want to add something else to the oatmeal you can opt for but butter. This will be a perfect muscle-building treat. Like egg yolks, but butter is rich in healthy fats and promotes hormone production and will make you feel calorie sufficient to build muscles. You can also try almond butter and peanut butter they will do the magic.

2. Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are commonly known among people for weight loss but they are the great weapon that bodybuilders use to grow muscles over the decades. They are simple and easy to get calories and merge with other growth foods. You can add some but butter and natural fruit jam and little sugar to get a meal. Make sure you add jams that contain more natural fruits.

You might think that almond butter or but butter does not come under budget but they pretty much last for a long period and you can get them in bulk. Try getting them on deals and stock up. This meal combo will get you plenty of healthy fats and nutrients to keep up your carb stores full for muscle building.

3. Canned Fish

As discussed earlier tuna was the food I rely on and it is the staple food which I recommend always. You can also overdo it as they contain mercury.

You don’t need to completely avoid it but you can just add it to you could fish list. Canned salmon is always the best choice they are rich in healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids. Chunk light tuna and White albacore are less in mercury and are a solid choice. You think of a wide choice to cook with fish. To grow you need to eat a lot and to make this easier you should make food interesting and tastier.

4. Dried Fruit And Nuts

Yes, these are two foods but their combination will make the best snack. As meals are not the only option for muscle growth. You also need some snacks too. Packing up some mixed nuts is a healthier option while traveling and working. Of course, they are filled with essential fatty acids and fiber. This will be the best and healthier solution when you feel hungry or when you have a craving for food. Nuts like almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts will give you surplus and enough calories to support muscle gain. Make sure you avoid the sugary version. Raw nuts are the best to have an idea of what you are eating.

Get them in bulk, have them with you wherever you go, exercise hard, you will see the changes in your muscles.