The Possible Effects Of Smoking Kratom Herb

The Possible Effects Of Smoking Kratom Herb

7th November 2019 0 By strongman

If you are concerned about increasing the number of opiates or weed you take, you must have thought about Kratom at some point. And now, you are probably wondering if smoking Kratom will help you amplify its therapeutic and recreational effects. You’ve come to the right place. This guide features, in detail, what smoking Kratom is all about. It also helps you make informed choices about the whole Kratom experience. 

The different techniques of taking Kratom

Kratom was popularly used in the medieval days for its medicinal benefits, either by chewing or brewing into a tea. Nowadays, you’ll find several modern methods of consuming the age-old herb. For instance, the famous ‘toss-and-wash’ method is perhaps the most widespread. A fair number of users have also found some use for it when mixed with foods or drinks. The growing efficacy of the Kratom capsules has also gained some mention as a surefire way to enjoy its benefits. 

An increasing number of users had begun to consider smoking Kratom too. Riddled with raised eyebrows and doubts, the concept comes with several uncertainties because no one has genuinely established if smoking Kratom is entirely safe.

Can you smoke Kratom powder?

Although there are no significant reports of using Kratom intravenously or by smoking, some reports suggest that smoking Kratom may have originated in Southeast Asia, the home of the plant. The same study also implied that smoking Kratom hasn’t spread to the western world while stating clearly that it didn’t mean people couldn’t smoke the herb. The primary concern is whether smoking Kratom amplifies its effects, as seen in Kratom tea.

Another study revealed that mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, the active alkaloids in the plant, are unstable as a result of smoking, reducing their effects. It is the reason that many people consider smoking Kratom as an ineffective method of ingestion.

Dosage for Kratom smoking

“What is the specific dosage for Kratom smoking?” is perhaps the next question you may ask. If you seek to try Kratom smoking, you must know that there are dosage guidelines. Kratom itself is a natural herb whose ultimate effect will depend on the body chemistry, physique, weight, diet, and metabolism of the individual. However, a general rule is that Kratom smokers exceed the other dosages for oral administration. For instance, the average dose in Kratom tea is between 2g and 5g, but Kratom smokers will require up to five times the required dosage to feel the effects.

Benefits of smoking Kratom

Generally, smoking Kratom has been labelled impractical and inefficient, high dosages of Kratom deliver exceptional results for the smokers. As a more reliable option for quitting drug consumption, the benefits of smoking Kratom are as varied as seen in Kratom tea.

  1. Pain relief – Kratom plant typically acts as an analgesic. For many centuries, the plant has been known to reduce pain in sufferers. When taken in reasonable amounts, Kratom releases its analgesic effects and soothes pain points in the body, instantly restoring relief.
  2. Recovery from opiate addiction – As mentioned, smoking Kratom has also found some use in improving the withdrawal symptoms of opiate addicts. Devoid of health threats, the Kratom plant targets the same receptors as the opioids, negating the effect of the latter. More so, Kratom smoking eliminates the risk of drug abuse, tolerance buildup, and overdosing – conditions that detail to general smoking.
  3. Alleviating anxiety – Smoking Kratom at high dosages may reduce depression, stress, anxiety, and a variety of mood disorders. Tagged as a mood enhancer, Kratom boosts confidence, especially when taken before midday. Similarly, its aphrodisiac property is seen in the treatment of infertility, social fear, and nervousness.

Why Kratom smoking is not recommended

Although smoking Kratom presents many benefits, the method is not suitable for oral consumption because:

  • It is quite expensive

The amount of Kratom powder needed to feel its effects is enormous, making it quite costly and impractical to use the herb. Therefore, many users are not advised to smoke Kratom because it weighs into general expenses, almost preventing the ability to stock large quantities of the powder.

  • It is less effective

Contrary to oral dosage, smoking Kratom plant is quite ineffective unless you get the right dosage. Kratom leaves have smaller amounts of alkaloids, compared to other smokeable drugs. The high ratio of cellulose fibre, combined with its physical nature, also reduces the effects of the drug. Therefore, it is very evident that smoking Kratom halves its full potential.