What You Need to Know About Andarine

What You Need to Know About Andarine

30th September 2019 0 By strongman

Athletes, bodybuilders, and enthusiasts of sports activities are in constant search for ways to build lean muscle and improve strength. A close look into the daily lives of professional athletes and bodybuilders, then you’d see the efforts they invest in staying healthy and keeping their body in the right shape. Apart from hitting the gym daily, many have found solace in Andarine – a popular type of SARM – which helps to build lean muscle and strength while improving their overall performance.

What is Andarine

Andarine is classified as a SARM. The drug was initially formulated to treat cases such as benign prostatic hypertrophy, muscle wasting, and osteoporosis. Today, it is a popular choice among bodybuilders and athletes alike, thanks to its impressive results in increasing bone density, muscle mass, and strength as shown during clinical trials on animals. Similar results have been reported in human as well. And since the process of fusion is quite selective and regulated, expect to see minimal side effects.

How it Works

Andarine works in the same version as steroids by fusing to the receptors. But the difference between Andarine and steroids is that the latter is devoid of the severe side effects associated with the former. Andarine is specifically designed to help users build lean muscle as well as increase strength and performance. Andarine is quite selective in its action. The drug targets specific tissue without affecting other organs in the body.

Uses of Andarine

Andarine is used for a wide variety of reasons, with the most common being bulking, cutting, and recomposing.

  • Cutting: This SARM is reputed for not just increasing fat oxidation in the body but also reducing the body’s lipoprotein lipase. And when the body is short on calorie, Andarine ensures that the body muscle stays intact. Cutting cycle can last for 12 weeks.
  • Bulking: With Andarine, you can build and maintain strength without needless inflation and water retention. So you don’t have to worry about losing the been reported you’ve gathered over time. Another reason why many athletes use Andarine.
  • Recomping: This drug has proven to be effective in getting rid of excess body fat and replacing them with lean muscle. This, in turn, increases body functionality.

Why Should You Use Andarine

Wondering why so much craze for Andarine? Well, the answer lies in its benefits. There are many benefits to using Andarine. Top on the list include

  • Help make the muscle harder, leaving users with a great body
  • Get rids of fat and replaces with muscle
  • Improves bone density and bone strength


This drug has a 3-hour half-life, which is one of the shortest when compared to other SARMs. The recommended dose is between 25 mg – 50 mg daily. Exceeding the recommended dose increase the likelihood of severe side effects. Also, do not use the dosage for more than 16 weeks. Likewise, usage should not be below 6 weeks. After 16 weeks of use, the body no longer responds to the drugs. So continuous use even after the 16 weeks will have little to no result. Also, if you stopped using the drugs before the 6 weeks window you will not get the desired result.


If you want to build lean muscles as well as fancy the additional benefits of SARM, then Andarine is one of the best you will find on the market. Keep in mind that there are lots of fake Andarine products out there. Only buy from a reputable online store. That way, you rest assured of the quality of the product purchased. So, protect your health and buy safely.