Crossfit: how does it work?

Crossfit: how does it work?

24th July 2020 0 By strongman

Resistance, physical strength, flexibility, power, balance … All in one? If you’re looking for a sport that helps you achieve this and more, try Crossfit, a functional, high-intensity workout. In the following, we will explain the recommended frequency of this sport per week and we will suggest some basic exercises while highlighting the positive effect of the Crossfit on sexuality…

How many Crossfit training sessions per week are recommended?

The general Crossfit model suggests three days of activity per week interspersed with days of rest. Depending on your physical abilities and your goals, the Crossfit coach will advise you on how to perform an optimal number of sessions per week and progress at your own pace.

By classifying Crossfitters by level, you can obtain 2 or 3 groups of Crossfitters in a room, allowing you to follow a pace, duration and exercises adapted to each level.

Crossfit Exercises

Squat with bar

This is an exercise in which we perform squats with a bar above our heads. This is a very common variation in the world of crossfit and comes directly from the world of weightlifting.

In this case, place the feet in the same way as in the previous exercise, but with the bar above the head with the arms fully extended. This is an exercise that requires a lot of technique and flexibility, so we must perform it with care and by gradually increasing the weight safely.

Pistol squats

Gun squats are another variation of squatting. In this case, we do it with one leg. We start to stoop, bringing the hip back and bending the knee of the foot which is supported. We extend both arms down to maintain balance.

Once we have lowered until our buttocks are at a height below the knee, we begin to stand up to return to the original position. It is important to keep your heels flat on the floor at all times and not to exert any force on your toes.


Burpees are regular crossfit exercises. It is an exercise that works many muscle groups and also requires a lot of aerobic effort.

To perform this exercise, we begin by standing in a relaxed position, then, with a jump, we bring our legs back to our chest and place our hands on the floor while remaining in a bent position. We bend by touching our knees with our chest, return to the original position and jump up.