SARM Stack Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Stacking

SARM Stack Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Stacking

7th November 2019 0 By strongman

The need for a competitive edge often drives bodybuilders to search for more supplements. It could be a new technique or a new way to ingest certified chemicals that enhance sportsmanship, anything at all is worth the try. Thanks to the increasing awareness for SARMs, athletes can improve their performance in different ways. This review will take you through the popular SARMs for cutting, bulking, and strength. 

What Are SARMs?

SARMs represents selective androgen receptor modulators. Although this doesn’t present a lot of information, this article will breakdown the terms for a concise read.

  • Selective – Selective means that they target only a few receptors, unlike other steroids that target the full spectrum. Therefore, SARMs applies to more operations.
  • Androgens – With the inclusion of testosterone in the nomenclature, SARMs aid reproductive function, a general buildup of muscles, and targets male-related concerns such as alopecia and facial hair.
  • Receptors – These are cells that interpret stimuli in the body.
  • Modulating – refers to reshaping or reforming a certain substance on the body.

In conclusion, SARMs selectively adjust the hormonal levels in males without affecting other internal organs.

Different Forms of SARMs

SARMs appear in three primary forms – liquid, capsule, and powder. Every SARM form has both benefits and drawbacks as follows:

Powdered SARMs – Bodybuilders mostly prefer them because of their ability to store for a long time. Another pro is that they are invisible to others as their form makes it quite tough to distinguish them from other capsules. But a significant drawback is that you’ll need a measuring tool such as a digital weighing balance to use them effectively. Sometimes, a scale will suffice better than a simple vial.

Capsule form – A fan’s favourite, capsules are quite similar to powdered SARMs. Also easy to hide from snoopers and easy to store, the only drawback is also the need for a measuring tool as with powdered forms. Although capsules may be similar, you have to be careful enough to weight the exact amount of each before administering the SARM.

Liquid SARMs – The major drawback of liquid SARMs is that they are slightly more expensive than the other two. If you are tight on a budget, the previous two categories are perfect for you. But the price suffices for the absence of a measuring scale. Just measure out the desired quantity, and you’re good to go. Now, you don’t have to worry about miscalculated your dose as there is no need for calibration.

How to Administer SARMs

The method of administration will depend on the form of SARM.

  • Liquid SARMs can be ingested in their original forms without extras.
  • Powdered SARMs combine best with water – mix and drink with ease. After consuming the drink, sip a second glass of water to get rid of residues in the vial so that you may enjoy the entire dosage. Because SARMs combine best with water, other foreign substances may not be worthy substitutes. However, more research needs to be done in this regard. 
  • SARMs in the capsule form combines best with water as well. For the sake of emphasis, you should only mix the capsules with water.

Most Popular SARMs Stacks

Anecdotal experiences confirm that the best SARMs stacks are as follows:

  • SARMs for bulking – The popular options are combinations of MK-677, RAD-140, and LGD-4033. Other stacks are RAD-140 and YK-11. One of the most potent SARMs is YK-11 as it is prevalent for the breathtaking experience. However, YK-11 is less popular than others because only a few studies back it up. If you want to gain lean muscle, you can combine both YK-11 and RAD-140.
  • The best SARMs for recomping – For drastic results in short time intervals, you may combine LGD-4033 and S-4. Because of the excellent bulking properties of LGD-4033, it blends well with S-4 with features of additional cuts and strength. You may think it is difficult to lose body fat while gaining muscle until you try the combination.
  • The best SARMs for cutting – GW-501516, S-4, and MK-2866 make a great and productive team. During a caloric deficit, these SARMs will keep you tight and firm around the middle. While it may be frustrating to lose muscle mass, this stack will prevent such from happening and increase your mass and strength when combined properly.